Frequently Asked Questions


TI Advisors was formed to provide business mentoring and advisory services. The program brings together a team of seasoned business professionals from our congregation to accelerate growth and prosperity in our community.

Below is a summary of frequently asked questions.

 01  Why did you create TI Advisors?

TI Advisors was created with several broad goals and objectives. Namely:

  1. Provide our community with free, confidential and insightful resources to guide Mentees as they address business issues and challenges

  2. Leverage the wealth of knowledge and expertise within the Temple membership that is willing to devote time to mentor others to their next levels of success

  3. Bring more people back into the Temple fold (beyond annual high holiday attendance) offering a relevant array of mentoring services, business resources and volunteering opportunities

  4. Strengthen Temple’s station as a destination of value, fostering community collaboration and focusing on continued growth and prosperity.




 02  What qualifies a TI Advisors Mentor to give business advice?


The key qualification that TI Advisors Mentors bring is real-world business experience. The Mentors are working and retired business owners, executives and managers who have been through the same challenges and decisions that many entrepreneurs and business owners face today.​



 03  How does the TI Advisors Mentoring program work?

  • TI Advisors will provide free business advice through Temple Israel’s Mentor business experts.

  • Mentees will utilize TI Advisors’ online portal to submit their specific question/issue and request a Mentor.

  • TI Advisors’ administrators will screen all requests and pair appropriate Mentees with the most knowledgeable Mentor to engage with.

  • A Mentee Engagement Plan will be created, articulating the issues to be addressed, requisite materials to be provided by the mentee, anticipated time frame (weeks/visits) and setting specific expectations and anticipated take aways from the mentoring experience. Note, the Mentor is expected to be a guide and a facilitator and is not expected to do the work for the Mentee.

  • At the completion of each mentoring relationship both the Mentor as well as the Mentee will be asked to submit a short questionnaire to rate and evaluate their experience.




 04  What are some of the anticipated Mentee questions/issues?

We anticipate varied questions/issues ranging from very basic to extremely complex. TI Advisors’ administrators will initially sort, interpret and channel these questions to the Mentor with the best “fit”. Over time, we hope to make available a knowledge base of curated resources to address the more basic topics. Questions/issues will initially be organized with the following grouping:

  • Accounting/Budgeting

  • Buy/Sell Business

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Customer Engagement/Retention

  • Financing & Capital Raising

  • Franchising

  • Human Resources

  • Succession Planning

  • Legal Issues

  • Marketing/Advertising/Social Media

  • Real Estate

  • Sales Strategy

  • Start Up Assistance - Business Plan Development

  • Technology




 05  I am looking for a new job, can TI Advisors help?

While TI Advisors was created to address business questions/issues, the team of TI Advisor Mentors has a vast array of contacts and business relationships. Register as a Mentee on TI Advisors online portal and complete your professional background profile. Indicate your interests in a new career position. Also, be sure to join TI Advisors private discussion forum on LinkedIn where you can further explore your career interests.

 06  What is the cost to a Mentee?

TI Advisors’ mentoring services will be provided as a free benefit to our Temple community.

 07  Will TI Advisors provide capital or invest in Mentee businesses?

​TI Advisors does not provide CPA or legal services nor does it make grants, loans or investments in Mentee businesses. The Mentor may be able to suggest outside resources to assist in these areas, as appropriate.

 08  How will you address Confidentiality and Conflicts of Interest?

The success of the TI Advisors’ Mentoring Program is predicated on confidentiality, trust and bringing tangible value to the community. All discussions with TI Advisors’ Mentors are confidential. Mentors will be asked to sign a Code of Ethics and a Confidentiality Agreement that addresses the protection of confidential business information and ideas.

 09  Why should I become a TI Advisors’ Mentor?

Volunteering as a Mentor for TI Advisors is a way for you to pass on your knowledge to the next generation of entrepreneurs and business professionals, connect with fellow business owners and give back to your community.

 10  How much time will I have to commit as a Mentor?

It is anticipated that a Mentor will spend roughly 3-4 hours per month with each of their Mentees - spread across emails, phone calls and in person meetings.

 11  What happens if I plan on being out of town for periods of time can I still volunteer as a Mentor?

Given busy travel schedules and other important commitments, arrangements can be made to team with a second Mentor and/or utilize Skype and email, as appropriate.

 12  How will you measure the success and effectiveness of TI Advisors?

Some of the metrics that we will use are:

  • Number of Mentors available and Mentees served

  • Positive feedback - from both Mentors and Mentees

  • % of participants referred from prior mentees (program graduates)

  • Level/frequency of social engagement among program participants [via TI Advisors' Private LinkedIn group]

 13  Can we license the TI Advisors Mentoring Platform?

Extensive effort has gone in to creating the TI Advisors Mentoring Program and Online Portal. Other organizations and associations that have an interest in launching their own mentoring program and licensing the TI Advisors Mentoring Platform should send an email to

 14  What if I am not interested or do not have the time to be a Mentor, are there other ways that I can help?

We understand that some may not be interested or available to become a Mentor at this time. In the future we anticipate broadened TI Advisors programming to include the creation of a dynamic speaker series, the formation of forums for like-minded, confidential business discussions and others….all of which will require volunteer support. Please Register on TI Advisors online portal and express your interests.

Lastly, TI Advisors welcomes Sponsors to contribute financial support for this exciting, emerging program. If interested, please contact David Tisdale at 248.661.5700 or send an email to